Dismissed with Prejudice

I can feel the bead of sweat slowly glide down my face as I watch the clock. The seconds tick by slowly. 6:59:59. The last second before 7:00:00 PM feels like a decade. I have everything ready to go. I am ready. I refresh my page at the exact moment the clock strikes 7:00pm. My fingers move at a break neck speed as I fill in every blank box with the secret code only I, and the control center, can decipher. I hit the ‘submit’ button and the red lettering of despair appears at the top of my screen:


Dismissed with Prejudice: The Goblet of Church

It’s day one. I’m bright-eyed and ready to crush this law school thing. I walk into my first class and find a seat in the middle. I don’t want to look too eager but I also don’t want to be a slacker. I am so ready for today. I read the reading on battery like eight times. Class is starting! I’m so excited. I’m ready for anything. I got this. Professor Church says, “Ms. Towing? Carol Towing, where are you at?” OH. MY. GOD. What’s my last name?! Did he just call on me? How many more minutes of this torture must I endure? I’m sweating. My mouth is dry. My last name is definitely Towing. I want to crawl under the desk and hide. I know nothing. What is an element? He’s asking me a million questions. “INTENT. HARM. CONTACT. TENDER YEARS DOCTRINE.” Am I even forming sentences? I think he’s asking easy questions but I’m so focused on the little cup in Church’s hand, the fear of looking like an idiot, and the sweat that’s collecting under my armpits that I can’t formulate a coherent statement. (more…)

Dismissed with Predjudice

By: Cody Grosshart

It was the end of my 1L summer, and classes were due to start back in three days. I had yet to get a copy of the textbook for my Evidence class. I made it to the bookstore right before it closed for the week, but, to my earnest disbelief, there were no copies left in stock. The class had an assignment for the first day, and considering what happened the last time I didn’t prepare for a lecture, I was not comfortable going into class empty-handed. Being so short on time I realized that my only option was to photocopy the assignment out of someone else’s book…but to whom could I turn to in this hour of need? (more…)

Dismissed with Prejudice: The Perfect Spot

By: Cody Grosshart

A few days ago, I laid awake in bed in the morning looking at the ceiling with the sobering realization that October was long gone and that November was already halfway over. As I stared upward, the shadows passing through the blades of my ceiling fan reminded me of the turning pages of notes that I had yet to read. All the while, the alarm clock continued to intermittently sound while I was thinking, the chimes registering the same shock as the occasional jolt of anxiety rooted in finals approaching. (more…)

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