Filling the Supreme Court Vacancy

By: Jacob Longman

In the midst of a truly bizarre election cycle, it’s often hard to remember that the upcoming Presidential election has some of the highest stakes in modern political memory. Rarely do two candidates represent such starkly different visions or express such wildly divergent sentiments. Substantively, nothing is more emblematic of the differences between Hilary Rodham Clinton and Donald John Trump than in what they plan to do with the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. (more…)

Sunday Funday

By: Emily Schwab To most PMHers, the LSU ‘HalLAWeen’ party marks the beginning of a grueling period during which we spend 40 days or so locked inside quiet buildings preparing for exams. Because this next month will be relatively deadening for most of us, I decided that this Sunday Funday Read more…

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