Fight or Flight: When Clowning Around Turns Criminal

By: Brooklee Hurst

Nightmares became reality when unsettling reports of clown sightings spread across the nation, with the latest tally showing over thirty states experiencing clown-related incidents. The sightings originated in Greenville County, South Carolina where reports that individuals dressed as clowns were beckoning children into the woods. Soon after this story caught national attention, clown sightings were reported in several other states. Much like the pantomime characters in horror films, many of these clowns are equipped, not with balloon animals, but rather wield deadly weapons and issue physical threats. As a result of the clown hysteria, Target removed a variety of creepy clown masks from their stores and online, possibly in the hopes that their products will not reach the hands of those wishing to unleash clown-like terror on unsuspecting victims. One does not need coulrophobia, a specific fear of clowns, in order to be afraid of the cirque de la terreur that is currently plaguing our nation. (more…)

Above the Fray: Speech Considerations of Supreme Court Justices

By: Robert Glueck

On August 10, 1993, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg took her oath of office to become only the second female to sit on the United States Supreme Court.  On that day, she gained the power to shape the laws and policy of our nation, but at what cost? Recently Justice Ginsburg has come under fire for her comments regarding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in advance of this year’s presidential election.  As reported by CNN, this past July, Justice Ginsburg called Trump a “faker” who “has no consistency about him” adding that “[h]e really has an ego.” Trump fired back by saying that Ginsberg’s brain is “shot” and that she should resign. While retaliatory comments are nothing new for Mr. Trump, several politicians and political analysts also believed that Justice Ginsburg’s comments were out of line.[1]   (more…)

LSU Law’s Powderpuff Fundraiser Earns Success On and Off the Gridiron

By: Cody McElroy

“Play like a champion today.” These are the words the Notre Dame Fighting Irish see before every home game, and that’s exactly what the 2L and 3L athletes did October 14th on the LSU parade grounds. LSU Law’s annual Powderpuff game pits rival teams of 2L and 3L girls against each other in a flag football match, the winner earning the right to declare victory throughout the halls of Paul M. Hebert Law Center. This year’s face-off ended in a thrilling 12-6 win for the 3Ls, who continued the tradition of 3L dominance stretching back years in powderpuff history. (more…)

The Galligan Age

By: Annie Beckstrom   Newly appointed LSU Law Dean, Thomas Galligan, Jr., began his inaugural semester with a full plate. The Great Flood hit the week before classes were set to begin, ravaging a substantial portion of the Baton Rouge area. Resuming classes with a school full of flood affected Read more…

Shedding the Stigma & Sharing the Struggle: Mental Health Challenges Facing the Legal Community

By: Stacy Liere

I suffer with depression. It’s the reason I withdrew from school last fall. Mental illness is something nobody chooses. It’s a chemical imbalance. It’s often genetic. In short, it’s something that is beyond your control. Learning how to cope with depression and anxiety is an important step, but actually understanding the disease lays a foundation on which to build. I’ve chosen to share my struggle in hopes that explaining the complexities of mental illness will breed compassion and validation, which can ease the burden for those suffering. (more…)

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