Seven Black Robes: Riding Circuit with the LA Supreme Court

By: Tori Watson

To the average citizen, the words “Supreme Court” will likely spark images of nameless, faceless figures and black robes. But to the average law student, influenced by countless hours spent reading hundreds of pages of opinions and dissent, the court takes on a whole new meaning. Last month, students at the LSU Law Center had the unique opportunity to witness the Louisiana Supreme Court in action. On January 23rd, the highest court in the state heard oral arguments in our very own Robinson Courtroom, for the first time since 1998. (more…)

Fake News: Alternatives to Alternative Facts

By: Jacob Longman

There are very few things as American as the Bill of Rights. The first of its kind, it has been quintessentially American. Encapsulated in the Bill is everything that made—and continues to make—this country the greatest nation on the planet. Notable, then, is the fact that the first of these Amendments deals explicitly with freedom of speech. (more…)

Constitutional Conflict: Trump’s Battle with the Emoluments Clause

By: Kathryn Jakuback Burke

A mere three days into his presidency, Donald Trump was struck with a lawsuit that targeted his vast and complex corporate kingdom. The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) in Washington D.C. charged in their complaint, that the intersection of President Trump’s ascent to the presidency and his preexisting business interests creates a violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause. (more…)

Pants For Women

By: Kathryn Jakuback

At the end of September, LSU Law’s Trial Advocacy program sent four students to Montgomery, Alabama to participate in Faulkner Law’s inaugural Mockingbird Trial Competition. The competition was named after the modern literary classic “To Kill A Mockingbird” to celebrate the civil rights history of the city of Montgomery. For the prosecution, LSU Law was represented by Stephen Geist and Kristen Richardson; for the defense, Kathryn Jakuback and Tyler White. (more…)

Raising the Bar: The Secret to LSU Law’s Bar Exam Passage Rate

By: Tori Watson

The end of 8 A.M. lectures and late night cram sessions may be in sight, but any third-year law student will tell you that one of the most daunting challenges of their law school career still lies ahead: the bar exam. This intense examination is administered each year to determine whether an attorney is competent to practice law in a particular state. With preparation spanning anywhere from weeks to months, the bar exam is unsurprisingly a significant source of stress among law students and recent graduates. The good news? Historically, LSU Law graduates have led the pack when it comes to success on Louisiana’s challenging bar exam. This July, LSU Law once again topped the charts on the 2016 Louisiana Bar Exam, with a 77.86% pass rate among all graduates taking the test, and an 81% pass rate among first-time test takers. This begs the questions, what is LSU doing right and what might other Louisiana law schools be missing? (more…)

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