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  • Oct 26 2017

    Hurricane Relief: LSU Law Lends a Hand

    By: Caitlin Mullaney

    Most of the students at LSU Law school know all too well the devastating effect a hurricane can have on a community and the individuals that make up the community. With that in mind it took no time at all for LSU Law community to come together and pitch in to help their fellow Americans experiencing this hurricane devastation.

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  • Oct 26 2017

    What a Feat! : Students Argue in Front of Louisiana Supreme Court

    By: Cavett Feazel

    On October 16, 2017, LSU Law students Jessica Thomas, Lacey Sanchez, Erin Abrams, and Jacob Irving, under the guidance of Professor Robert Lancaster, argued before the Bar of the Louisiana Supreme Court. Read more

  • Oct 26 2017

    He Said, She Said, PMH On Politics: Gun Control and the Second Amendment

    By: Conner Graham and Adrienne Wood 

    HE SAID:

         The issue of gun control becomes a hot topic after every mass shooting event. While families are grieving, politicians rush to the cameras to provide their sage wisdom of how these atrocities could be avoided if only we had “common sense” gun control. Read more

  • Oct 25 2017

    Defining the Relationship: Changing the Definition of “Dating Partner” May Lead to Stiffer Penalties for More Abusers

    By: Rachel Warren 

    It was just before 1:00 a.m. on Feb. 4 when an NOPD officer responded to a “domestic disturbance” between two LSU sophomores at the Omni Riverbend Hotel in New Orleans.
    That night, LSU student Collin Kent allegedly choked his then-girlfriend three times before she attempted to call 911 on the hotel room phone, alerting hotel security.

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  • Oct 25 2017

    LSU Greek Life Reform: Justice or Punishment?

    By: Carlos Coro

    Stepping foot on campus for the first time is a daunting experience for many undergraduate freshman. The familiar comforts of high school are almost all but gone, as most students come face to face with a myriad of realities sans mommy and daddy. Plenty of graduates can recall some of their repressed memories from freshman year; such as awkward interactions with their dormitory roommates, and the painful intimidation of sitting in a class surrounded by hundreds of strangers. Read more

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