Lunchin’ & Brunchin’

By: Angelina Valuri and Prof. Jeff Brooks.  


There is no denying the fact we both have a soft spot in our hearts for an easy, breezy, and delicious Sunday brunch.  The beautiful fall weather this month here in Baton Rouge encouraged us to go exploring for a new restaurant. Surprisingly enough, we didn’t have to travel far!  It’s a good thing we were paying attention because if we blinked too long, we would have driven right by Table Kitchen & Bar located in the Southdowns Shopping Center.  (4205 Perkins Rd. 225-239-7799)

Table Kitchen & Bar is a locally-owned restaurant that takes a farm-to-table culinary approach in an upscale, yet casual environment.  The restaurant provides a unique and creative collaboration of food products that showcase regional offerings and seasonal local resources.  Not only are local produce and meat delivered to the restaurant every week, but each item is personally selected by the executive chef, Curtis Froelich.  It also has a full bar with eclectic wine and handcrafted cocktails.  Patio seating is available, weather permitting.

As a reminder, every month Professor Brooks and I, along with a rotating “mystery diner” guest will order three separate lunch/brunch dishes from restaurants that are not only affordable, but are also a little bit off the beaten path.  All restaurants will receive an overall rating between 1-5 gavels, with 1 gavel rating being “poor” and a 5 gavels rating being “excellent.”

If you have a lunch or brunch location you would like to see reviewed, please feel free to e-mail your suggestions to or


Framed! with The Hitchcock Blonde

Black Mass

Written and Directed By Scott Cooper

blass massCall it what you may, but this will be Johnny Depp’s comeback film. While the actor has most notably struggled recently with the media and his personal life woes, his professional life also has been lacking some “deppth” on the silver screen. With the latest failures of Mortdecai and The Lone Ranger and a depressingly publicized breakup, remarriage, and dog controversy (see Google for details), I’ve been wondering what my always-in-the-top-five-actor has been doing with his life. Tsk tsk, Johnny, poor choices….until I saw Black Mass this weekend.


What’s Happening in the Red Stick?

By: Megan Wiggins

Happy Fall, everyone! This is my favorite time of the semester, and it is not just because pumpkin-flavored everything is making its appearance in stores. We have all gotten into a routine; football season is in its prime, and finals are still far enough away where we can have an active social calendar and not feel guilty. Here’s a few of the many fall-themed events happening throughout the Red Stick that I think you’ll enjoy:


Dr. Love, M.D.

Dr. Love, can you give the first years some tips on tailgate etiquette?

Sincerely, 1L of a Good Time

Dear 1L,

Ah, the legendary Law School Tailgate (hereinafter LST). A heady mix of good food, good friends, and enough alcohol to spawn weekend-long hangovers for everyone. My personal mantra when I attend tailgates is “don’t be that person”. What do I mean by that? Exactly what it sounds like. Planning on getting famously drunk and falling in a trash can at the LST? Don’t be that person. Planning on engaging your newfound liquid courage in hitting on a really hot 3L? Don’t be that person. The LST is fun, but a lot of people forget that the party doesn’t stop after the pre-game, and there’s nothing more miserable than a hangover hitting you in Death Valley (don’t worry, we’ve all been there). Go to tailgates to hang out with classmates and professors in a fun, informal setting and save the raucous partying for the GIFs. As with everything you do, conduct yourself in a way that you wouldn’t mind future employers hearing about.


Dismissed with Prejudice: Parking Wars

By: Cody Grosshart

Call me Ahab, as I go crazy searching for my own white whale – that last open parking spot. Despite the fact that I have withstood this scourge many times before, the stress produced by the search has never waned. Every day I fight this battle, and every day I see the same obstacles stand in my way.


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