PILS Fall Day of Service

By: Liz Wong

To say the Fall Day of Service was a success would be an understatement. There was a record breaking number of participants this year according to 2L PILS Community Service Chair, Sara Richards. Last year, there were about 40 students that participated. With over 125 participants, the event received nothing but positive feedback both from students and the community. This year students were able to volunteer at a number of different sites: Habitat for Humanity, BREC, Connections for Life, Cat Haven, Companion Animal Alliance, Friends of the Animals, Thrift stores, and THRIVE.


Night at the Museum: A Curated Tour with Professor Baier

By: Annie Beckstrom


(Above is audio of Annie’s interview with Prof. Baier.)

There comes a time during law school when one must venture into the unknown world of the fourth floor. Whether to meet with a professor in hopes of snagging a coveted old test or lay claim to a hidden study room, the first trip up the lobby elevator can induce feelings of anticipation and uncertainty. At first glance, the layout seems familiar to any academic institution. One will find a row of offices with doors propped open, some exuding a friendly invitation, others an “enter if you dare” appeal. A law professor is tucked away in each room, hidden behind heaping stacks of paperwork and a vast array of legal literature. Chatter between colleagues about a Socratic lecture gone awry can be heard down the hall. Stroll a little further and one will stumble upon an unexpected gem, the office LSU law students have coined, “Professor Baier’s Museum.”


Back to School Breakdown: Barbie Edition

By: Alaina Richard

This issue of the Civilian is all about introducing the 1Ls to PMH life: the opportunities and the disappointments, the ups and the downs, the good and the ugly – and of course, the people you’ll encounter along the way. Here are a few slightly hyberbolic examples of some of the law school stereotypes that walk the halls of PMH. Enjoy!


Secret Lives at PMH: Joby Richard


By: Liz Wong

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…Joby Richard.

Q: What are you most excited for regarding your 2L year?

A: 2L year is having choice in my course load and having vested interested in classes that I take.

Q: What kind of extra-curriculars are you involved in?

A: I want to get involved in the Mental Health Organization. I really think that’s a good organization for law students, especially dealing with the stress of classes and balancing a life with it.  Also, I want to join the Environmental or the Energy Society because I’m really interested in pursuing that certificate and maybe a media law organization.


Flawless Fashion with the Fashion Police

By: The Fashion Police

KendallLast month, the Fashion Police were extremely curious to see who started off the school year with their fashion game on point.  The Fashion Police gave you free fashion reign and challenged everyone at PMH to submit their best back to school look to The Civilian’s Facebook page in exchange for the chance to win a $30 gift card to the Mall of Louisiana.  This month’s winning “Who Wore it Best” entry was submitted by 3L Kendale Thompson!  Congratulations, Kendale!  YOU wore it best!  From your cognac oxford shoes to your printed button down shirt, you pulled off your back to school look fLAWlessly!  (The only thing that could have made your photo better was if you were reading the latest issue of The Civilian…maybe next time.)


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