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  • Oct 11 2017

    (BR)unch: The Londoner

    By: Leslie Knowles

    For the first Brunch Review of the year, I decided to visit a Baton Rouge staple: The Londoner Pub and Grill on South Sherwood. I arrived around 10:30 a.m., accompanied by Taylor Degruise, The Civilian’s very own editor-in-chief. Read more

  • Oct 11 2017

    Student Spotlight: Sara Kuebel

    By: Joe Cooper

    Sara Kuebel is the President of the Student Bar Association, a Senior Associate for the Louisiana Law Review, a member of the Moot Court Board, a Captain for the 3L Powderpuff team, and a Barrister’s Bowl cheerleader. Since she wouldn’t agree to schedule an interview with me because “I’m busy” and “you don’t even write for The Civilian, Joe,” I cornered her at a bar and nabbed the most prestigious interview our humble newspaper has ever seen. Read more

  • Feb 20 2017

    Student Spotlight – Sohil Sharedalal

    By: Patrick Schmidt

    Sohil Sharedalal (Share-da-lawl) had never been to Louisiana before he came for 1L orientation. His unbridled enthusiasm for the law and excitement to start the next chapter of his life was met with the worst flooding the Baton Rouge area has received in years. To continue that warm welcome, he sat down with me for an interview. Read more

  • Feb 20 2017

    Dismissed with Prejudice

    If there is one thing that the New England Patriots have taught us, it is that you need to run the football. Whether you are at the goal line with seconds left and have a skittles-craving beast in your backfield or are up a score in field goal range in the fourth, you need to run the football. Being ever-diligent law students, the members of LSU Law’s football club will take those lessons learned to the gridiron come high noon on February 18 at Memorial Stadium for the annual Barrister’s Bowl. Read more

  • Feb 20 2017

    What’s New Mr. Baton Rouge? – Valentine’s Day in the Red Stick

    By: Hunter Odom

    With Hallmark’s favorite holiday around the corner, one can expect to see PMH’s finest dining across Baton Rouge’s favorite restaurants. While many couples will choose a favorite or often-frequented spot, some will, undoubtedly, be at the mercy of their significant other’s choice and might find themselves in the unknown territory of an unfamiliar restaurant. Read more