Pets of PMH

By Maria Strauss

In this time of chaos and self-isolation, it is important to take a step back and think of the companionship and amusement our pets provide. Many of us are afraid of what’s to come, but there is one thing that remains the same- the people of PMH have some really cute pets. So for now, take some time to appreciate the following animal friends.

Paige Wheeler, Rupert- Loves naps and cans of tuna. Hates cars and having his side of the bed invaded.

Leo Aaron, Rusty

Cara Sullivan, Tux- Beau’s favorite living creature on this Earth.

Kelsi Flores, Ezzi- he’s 3 years old, and was adopted her from a shelter a year ago. She only plays with squeaky toys, and her favorite thing to do is go to the park.

Ashlyn Esterly, Freya- Perpetually sad looking and a nap enthusiast, Miss Freya loves to play soccer at the park with her people.Maria Strauss, Pepper- Likes eating drywall and $300 worth of textbooks (yeah, he really did). Follows me into the kitchen every morning because he wants breakfast. Hates the vacuum.

Taylor Wollerson, Cooper- Loves cuddles and is OBSESSED with fetch.

Melanie Richard, Maya- She’s 2 years old and a 60 pound bundle of fun. Her favorite pastimes are destroying squeaky toys and chasing squirrels outside. When she’s not causing mayhem within the squirrel population of Baton Rouge, you can usually find her sleeping on her human’s bed.

Patrick Riley, Colossus- He is a 40lb Sulcata tortoise.

Courtney Troxclair, Theo

Mallory Guillot, Snickers – 2 years old.

Mallory Guillot, Pez- 13 years old.

Brianne Bennett, Michael Jay- He’s a Thoroughbred rescue who won approximately $95,000 during his career.

Patrick Riley, unnamed rabble of poultry

Steven Duong, Finley

Maria Chiriboga Holzehu, Lucifer (Lucy for short)


Kelsey Jenkins, Ruth Bader Ginsbark (Ruthie)

Lee Landry, Diesel, Mr. Butkus

George Day, Sylvester- He is a Kashmir ( Bengal Longhair) and likes to think he runs our house.

Corrine Gamble, Jinxy

Anne Boudreaux, Peanut Elizabeth Boudreaux

Anne Boudreaux, Marie

Drew Perry, Jax, Cleo

Chandler Bourgeois, Chiefie- Likes to chew Hannah Duke’s things (leather shoes, 2 flat irons including wires, dog collars, scrunches, debit cards—you name it).

John Frey, Bear

Kathryn Lawrence, “This is Beauregard. Beauregard doesn’t have a pet, but he decided to change that yesterday when he let a tiny field mouse loose in my house and named him Jorge. I haven’t been able to catch Jorge, so now I’m thinking I need to get a cat to evict him before we catch hantavirus. If any of you know someone in the north La area giving away cats, hit me up.”

Austin Lanier, Jax- (before he learned to properly clean himself + before he stopped knocking off/ripping up stuff from my desk).

Lauren Savoie, J.K. Meowling

Joshua Mendez, Shay

Jordan Gremillion, Roux

Karina Shareen, Beau- Yellow lab mix, loves LSU football.

Colin Munn, Zoey- The red beans to Colin’s rice.

Michael Schouest, Macha, Gabriel

Nathan Mulvihill, Sandy- She likes laying in random places and laying around for scratches.

Jordan Tambara, Hitoshi “Toshi” Juan Carlos Shalom Tambara- He’s a 2 (3 in April) year old maltipoo. He loves starbucks pupachino’s, his girlfriend Tilly Mistretta and torts. 

Beverly Perkins, Judge- Hates devidence.

Victoria Wiktor, Shrimpy

Daniela Tamarova, Mia

Anthony Causer, Burreaux

Victoria Wiktor, Boogie

Blane Mader

Blane Mader

Sophie Sanchez, Smiley

Sophie Sanchez, Melon

Luna, Ashlyn Bourn, Daniela Tamarova- Barks when not given attention.

Ashley Price, Clara Belle- She is a red wolf sable Pomeranian and her favorite thing to do is sleep on the piano bench while I play.


Jessica Jones, Bandit- Loves new friends and cheese.

Zach Lester, Raphqi- He is 5’ 5 and his favorite snack is jelly beans.

Mallory Guillot, Kira Blue- She is a 5 month old husky adopted on Wednesday, March 18th.

Maria Strauss, Pistachio- Likes plantains, being petted, and kisses. Has an instagram @princess.pistachio

Christian Redmon, Penny

Morgan Peoples, mystery dog friend

Professor Corbett, mystery dog friend

Andrew Jarreau, Frank- Yes, his tongue is stuck like that.

John Parker

Jared Tregre, Zeus

Jaimie Grace, Murphy

Sara Duffy, Skizzy

Kirstyn Frank, Molly, Summer, Frank

Bill Zloch, Sophie- Likes fancy feast gravy lovers, watching college football, and waking her dad up at 6am for food.

Kaylin Jolivette, Hazel

Chris Wagner, Ronda

Olivia Shaw, Remus, Nymphadora

Linnea Brailsford, Sammy

Chris Wagner

Sydney St. Pierre, Cheese, Croissant

Laura Tracy, Theo

Taylor Kennedy, Nola Bean- Thinks she is a human.

Will Rolfe, Abner- Will’s daughter very much enjoys Abner’s company, evidence included above. Abner is a Gordon Setter.

Adam Laliberte, Jessie- Mascot of Zoom University School of Law’s Belle Chasse location. Interests include treadmills, Meow Mix, and walking in front of the camera during class. Dislikes ceiling fans.

Ashlyn Bourn, Winston- 4yrs old, cuddling and human food are his favorite.

Vy Tran, Khloe- Family won’t admit Khloe was named after the Kardashians, but this pup is just as sassy.

Chelsea Moudry, Franny, Tilly

Christen Lewis, Melodie Catherine- Only understands the word Treat.

Emily Fruge, Lady-150 pounds, thinks she’s small, sits on people, scared of everything from guitars to wine glasses.

Andrea Remy, Reece- He’s 4 lbs but swears he is 50lbs.

Ari Birdsall, Frank- He loves yoga & thinks he’s a human.

Bailey Anderson, Phoebs- 1 y/o, adopted her back in October. She acts like a dog 90% of the time. She loves playing in the bathtub (w/o water of course).

Bethany Bunge, JB- (JellyBean…not Justin Bieber). She knows many commands, and her favorite is when we say the word “treat” and she runs to the great drawer. Her favorite treats are the milk flavored Temptations.

Bonnie Smith, Derby- She loves to smile.

Camille Arceneaux, Juneaux- He’s 3 months old, loves cuddling and treats!

Caroline Broussard, Piper- Her favorite pastime is destroying every toy Mom buys her and she loves apples.


Cole Hilgenkamp, Big Head- So named by my kids because of his abnormally huge skull. He detests that I pay more attention to the civil law than him.

Delery Perret, Tess- aka T aka T baby aka Tesla aka T dog aka tha lil baybay. Her guard dog skills get an A+ rating. She will do any trick for a treat and acts like a part-time pillow


Erin Bagent, Ramsey- He loves playing fetch, giving kisses, and a good craft beer.

Hannah Duke, Dobbi

Hannah Greer, Peanut- She’s almost 3. She likes to swim, a lot.

Holly Dorward, Klaus- He loves looking intimidating (when he’s really a total teddy bear) and truly believes he is a lap dog.

Jennifer Jones, Piper- Super chill, but must be fed at 6 am.

Kurtis Johnson, Stitch- He loves to run and wrestle with his dad. He is a big ole baby and the best cuddler around.

Lexi Curtis, Jazzy- She does not walk, she prances.

Macy Spencer, Ollie- He’s 4 years old, and he loves the beach & swimming in our pool!

Mary Baker, Brady- 4 y/o mini dachshund. He loves, carrots, short walks (bc short legs), and squeaking his toys v loudly while I study!

Mary McCormick, Beck

Michael Sewell, Meowface Killa- And that’s her toy Georgie. She kills everything outside. Started off with a dozen dragonflies a day and eventually moved up to birds and squirrels. When people started turning up missing in Ponchatoula I knew it was time for us to go.

Nicole Bell, Beau- He snores like a human and will do ANYTHING for food.

Olivia Johnston, Hank- He was a rescue and does this weird thing where he wraps his paws around you.

Olivia Johnston, Levi- The goodest boy.

Raylea Willoughby, Tiger Lily- She loves to race, hates hair cuts, and her favorite things are bully sticks and tennis balls.

Rebecca Wheelis, Bentley- (As a puppy) and she loves to lick and also loves everything LSU Law!

Reed Kreger, Arlo- When he can’t be found trying to snuggle his way into someone’s lap, he’s probably hiding your socks and shoes (doesn’t want anyone to leave the house – he was a quarantine dog before it was mainstream lol).

Taylor Ashworth, Leo Augustus Ashworth

Tyler Bergeron, Bella- A southern girl through and through whose favorite hobbies include 4-wheeler (ATVs) riding and hunting.

Vincent Nguyen, Lilo- Lover of squirrels and dog treats.

Cassie Smith, Garland- Loves peanut butter, car rides and insists on being the little spoon when we sleep.

Caitlin Brinson, Cabo, Reagan

Mary-Grace Pollet, Rambeau