New Journal on the Block: The LSU Law Journal of Social Justice and Policy

By Louis Deville

The LSU Law Journal of Social Justice and Policy is the newest journal at LSU Law, and is eager to attract student writers to cover important issues that meet at the intersection of legal and social issues.  To give more information on the journal itself is 2L Raven Mouton, one of the co-founders.

How long as the journal been around?

It technically starts with this semester.  Sophie and I first started talking about it last fall.  We met with the Dean, potential Faculty Advisors, and people from established journals as a way of getting information on how to run a journal.    We already have our workshops scheduled and coordinated with LexisNexis to help our writers and staff learn the necessary skills, so we’ve managed to hit the ground running in that way.  Additionally, we have a full staff of editors selected as well, ready to read and provide feedback to our dedicated writers.

What sort of topics does it focus on?

Like our name says, we focus on social justice and policy issues.  We wanted to expand the writing opportunities here so students could write about issues they’re passionate about, and saw the journal as a great opportunity to do so.  For more information, you can find us at

Who can join/submit?

Right now, literally anyone can join or submit.  We want to be really inclusive to everyone as we’re starting out and don’t want to limit potential members by year or gpa. If you have even a little interest, you should contact me, Sophie, or the journal. Our ultimate goal is to make sure the journal is successful and sustainable after we leave.

How can interested writers join/submit articles to the journal?

For now, contact us directly since the semester has started and our writers have begun their research. Interested students can reach out to Sophie or me directly at or,  Once you contact us, we can arrange for you to join in the fall. For submissions from practitioners or students from other law schools, you can send it to the journals email address at  We’ve actually already received a submission from an LSU Law graduate, so we’re very excited to continue receiving more.

How can interested writers get into contact with someone to ask a question?

You can contact Sophie and me at our emails or the journal if you are interested!  Be sure to tell anyone you think might want to participate about us, we are currently trying to attract anyone who wants to be involved.


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