PMH Parking: A Lot to Complain About


By: Connor Fagan

Let’s set the scene. It’s 8:30 A.M. and you are early for your first class of the semester. You turn into the PMH parking lot. There are no open parking spots at first glance, so you circle once. Still, there are no open spots. Again, you circle. You drive past a U-High Mom idling her car in one of the Visitor Spots, but unfortunately no spots for you.

You have three options: park illegally, pay money (what’s that?) to park in the garage, or park one million miles away in the satellite lot. What a day to leave your coffee at home. But you don’t complain. You merely want to know what you or your student representatives can do to fix the problem.

According to an unnamed Student Bar Association (SBA) source, this parking issue has been a “long standing issue between the Law Center and U-High.” Based purely on the constant presence of cars with University High stickers, this does not come as a surprise. While the presence of U-High parents is the most talked about issue, it seems as if there is a veritable rainbow of student and employee parking passes in the Law Center lot at all times. In order to address this issue, the Student Bar Association has spoken with an Assistant Director at the Parking Office, as well as the Dean of Students at U-High. According to the same SBA source, the short-term fix for the parking problem will be to assign additional enforcement officers to the Law Center lot. The Parking Office has also contacted U-High with regards to the parking problem.

As a long-term solution, the Parking Office has informed SBA that there are plans underway to install access gates for the Law School lots (Praise!). Each student would be given an access device that opens the gates. The time frame for completion of this project is January at the latest. Further, the Law Center brought a heavy-hitter into the mix: Dean Galligan. These talks should lead to further positive steps for our parking problem.

PMH students have had some choice words about parking on social media. From a student’s perspective, it can often seem as if “the whole parking office is skewed and backwards.” Parking enforcement is obviously a cause for frustration among students and faculty alike. However, rest easy, fellow law students, knowing that your frustrations may soon come to an end with the wonderful improvements that are soon to come!