Month: October 2017

Happy BOO-zy Halloween

By: Connor Fagan After months of sweltering heat, Fall finally arrived in Louisiana! With the coming of the Fall season, many of the PMH law students are preparing for Halloween, and the admittedly much scarier finals season.

Student Spotlight: Kurtis Johnson

Kurtis Johnson is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and is a proud member of … whatever. He’s just a 1L. Who cares? I already did my job. If you want to know who he is just read the…

(BR)unch: Caliente

By: Leslie Knowles Did anyone know Caliente served brunch? How did I not know this? Well, for those of you who don’t know: Caliente has brunch! Obviously as soon as I found this out I thought, “Well, I gotta try…