1L, 1L, Read All About It!

By: Cavett Feazel

School is back in session and with it, a new group of first-years (1Ls) have graced the LSU Law Center with their presence. For most of the weary 1Ls at the Law Center, the fear and confusion of how to survive and succeed can result in anxiety. This reaction is normal. No doubt, these first few weeks have been eye opening, but you may find yourself still wondering what to expect from this rigorous marathon of learning. Luckily, the Law Center’s faculty, professors, and student body have ample resources to help you succeed throughout this process.

Law school is challenging, strenuous, and requires a great deal of your time and dedication. Aaron Koenck, a 2L, offered his sage advice to all students of the law, “Work hard, but pace yourself.” Always work hard, but make time for friends, family, and fun. One way to accomplish this is to create a personal study schedule. Many students find a 5-4-3-2-1 schedule-in which you dedicate five days of study time to each class and then four days and so on, leading up to final examinations-works for them. Some study in a group, others individually. Find what works best for you and stick to it. By making a schedule and sticking to it, you will be able to meet all the demands you are faced with and enjoy activities outside of law school.

Everyone in their first year of law school learns just how competitive it can be. Try not to get caught up in the competitive aspect. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t put in extra effort, but you should focus on bettering your understanding of the law and material. Support your classmates and be respectful of them. They are your peers and they’ll quickly become some of your best friends.

At the end of the semester it is your professor’s opinion that matters. Seek their help, turn in practice answers, and listen to their feedback. After all, they get paid to teach you and help you understand the law, and they truly want to see you succeed. Embrace and use this to your advantage.

Another useful resource is to seek help from tutors. Not only did they do well in the class they tutor, but they were in your shoes not too long ago. In other words, they get what you’re going through. The last piece of advice I have to offer is always remember to bring a jacket or blanket to school. Nothing chills your studying efforts quite like the freezing blasts of the Law Center’s A/C. Winter may have finally arrived in Westeros, but it’s been at PMH for quite a while now and no one knows when it will be over.