Constitutional Conflict: Trump’s Battle with the Emoluments Clause

By: Kathryn Jakuback Burke

A mere three days into his presidency, Donald Trump was struck with a lawsuit that targeted his vast and complex corporate kingdom. The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) in Washington D.C. charged in their complaint, that the intersection of President Trump’s ascent to the presidency and his preexisting business interests creates a violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause. (more…)

Student Spotlight – Sohil Sharedalal

By: Patrick Schmidt

Sohil Sharedalal (Share-da-lawl) had never been to Louisiana before he came for 1L orientation. His unbridled enthusiasm for the law and excitement to start the next chapter of his life was met with the worst flooding the Baton Rouge area has received in years. To continue that warm welcome, he sat down with me for an interview. (more…)

Dismissed with Prejudice

If there is one thing that the New England Patriots have taught us, it is that you need to run the football. Whether you are at the goal line with seconds left and have a skittles-craving beast in your backfield or are up a score in field goal range in the fourth, you need to run the football. Being ever-diligent law students, the members of LSU Law’s football club will take those lessons learned to the gridiron come high noon on February 18 at Memorial Stadium for the annual Barrister’s Bowl. (more…)

Sundays With Schwab – Valentine’s Day Edition

By: Emily Schwab

Welcome back, PMHers! As you may have noticed, this edition of the Civilian is covering all things Valentine’s Day, so naturally my assignment was to embark on a pre-V-day date and review all the places and sweet gestures that went into making the most romantic date night ever! Whether you are going on your first date or four hundredth, there are always subtle things you can do to show that special someone just how much he/she means to you. (more…)

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