Trials and Tribulations

Finals are coming. It’s November, which means it is time to start panicking about exams and thinking about all the things that you have not read. Whether you’re struggling through 1L year or searching for your motivation as a 3L, these tips are sure to help you through.

Tip #1 – Binge watching is the new black

There’s no time quite like finals to find a new fandom to join. Break up those long hours in the library with episodes of the ‘The Good Wife’ or ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ for legal drama in and out of the classroom.


Tip #2 – BuzzFeed. Period.

What’s more important than the Civil Code during finals? BuzzFeed quizzes that tell you which Disney character represents your personality. Exercise caution when opening multiple tabs!


Tip #3 – Hunger Games.

Those late night study sessions call for late night brain food. Find local restaurants with late night hours and (even better) delivery service. For munchies on a budget, stock your freezer with easy to make foods. Don’t forget to throw in a vegetable every now and then.


Tip #4 – Get. It. Together.

Finals are a perfect time for rearranging the furniture in your apartment, cleaning your car, obsessively highlighting and tabbing hundreds of pages of notes. Once your space is spotless and your notes resemble a Jackson Pollack, get back to the books or get started on that pile of laundry.


Tip #5 – Get Physical

Remember to stay active during finals and keep your endorphins flowing. “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” Happy people do better on their exams.


Tip #6 – Time is of the essence

Managing your time effectively during finals is the key to success. Schedule your study groups, flash card making, and naps accordingly.