LSU Law’s Powderpuff Fundraiser Earns Success On and Off the Gridiron

By: Cody McElroy

“Play like a champion today.” These are the words the Notre Dame Fighting Irish see before every home game, and that’s exactly what the 2L and 3L athletes did October 14th on the LSU parade grounds. LSU Law’s annual Powderpuff game pits rival teams of 2L and 3L girls against each other in a flag football match, the winner earning the right to declare victory throughout the halls of Paul M. Hebert Law Center. This year’s face-off ended in a thrilling 12-6 win for the 3Ls, who continued the tradition of 3L dominance stretching back years in powderpuff history. (more…)

Sunday Funday

By: Emily Schwab To most PMHers, the LSU ‘HalLAWeen’ party marks the beginning of a grueling period during which we spend 40 days or so locked inside quiet buildings preparing for exams. Because this next month will be relatively deadening for most of us, I decided that this Sunday Funday Read more…

What’s New, Mr. Baton Rouge?

By: Hunter Odom

Need a reason for a study break? You’re in luck. November is jam-packed with events across the city that are sure to guide us away from our outlines and textbooks, starting with DIG’s annual Holiday Cocktail Competition on November 9th. Located at the Renaissance Hotel, from 6-9 pm, patrons will be given the opportunity to sample unique, seasonal cocktails prepared by BR’s top mixologists from 25 local bars and restaurants. The event also includes delicious food provided by the Renaissance Hotel, live music, a photo booth, and chances to win holiday prizes. (more…)

Trials and Tribulations

Finals are coming. It’s November, which means it is time to start panicking about exams and thinking about all the things that you have not read. Whether you’re struggling through 1L year or searching for your motivation as a 3L, these tips are sure to help you through.


Dismissed with Prejudice

I can feel the bead of sweat slowly glide down my face as I watch the clock. The seconds tick by slowly. 6:59:59. The last second before 7:00:00 PM feels like a decade. I have everything ready to go. I am ready. I refresh my page at the exact moment the clock strikes 7:00pm. My fingers move at a break neck speed as I fill in every blank box with the secret code only I, and the control center, can decipher. I hit the ‘submit’ button and the red lettering of despair appears at the top of my screen:


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