Game of Zones

By: Kathryn Jakuback

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an LSU law student in possession of a Law Center parking tag must be in want of a place to park. We’re all familiar with the nauseating combination of rage and panic that accompanies the useless circuits around the parking lot, hunting for any open space to leave our vehicles so we don’t get another absence. We’ve all seen the cars mockingly flaunt Zone 2 tags as their owners enjoy a cup of coffee in the bookstore. We’ve engaged in arguments with parents who see our spaces as their Manifest Destiny. We’ve left notes, called the towing company, and screamed every swear word in our lexicons. (more…)

Race to the White House: A Guide to the Presidential Election of 2016

By: Robert Glueck

As a law student, you’ve undoubtedly mastered the art of sounding much more intelligent than you really are, but let’s face it: you know less than you’re willing to let on about the upcoming election. Allow The Civilian to help. While each candidate’s views largely track their party’s philosophy, below you will find a more detailed summary of both Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s platforms on several key issues for the upcoming election (more…)

The 13th Gate: The Scariest Haunted House in America

By: Hunter Odom

The 13th Gate is where your worst nightmares become reality. Known for its ultra-realism and extreme detail, this haunted house has become notorious as the scariest in America as recognized by MTV, Travel Channel, and other reviewers. In fact, a recent poll through the world’s largest haunted house directory,, found the attraction to be the scariest Halloween event in the country. Even Playboy magazine says, “This haunted house will scare the $#%^ out of you.” (more…)

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