Montgomery v. Louisiana

By: Halee Snellgrove Maturin

In 1963, here in East Baton Rouge, 17-year-old Henry Montgomery was found guilty of murdering a police officer, Charles Hurt. While he was initially sentenced to death, the judge declared a mistrial and as a result of this second trial, Montgomery was found guilty without capital punishment. Under then-existing Louisiana law, this verdict required the trial court to impose an automatic sentence of life imprisonment without parole.

Almost 50 years after Montgomery’s life sentence, the United States Supreme Court decided the case of Miller v. Alabama, in which they held that imposing mandatory sentences of life imprisonment without parole for juvenile homicide offenders violates the 8th Amendment’s protection against cruel and unusual punishment. Miller now requires that sentencing courts consider the juvenile’s age, diminished culpability, and heightened capacity for change and reform when determining their sentence.  (more…)

Barrister’s Bowl XXII

(Photos: Emily Brauner, LSUNOW)

By: Jacob Longman

Some rivalries stretch across the ages. Invoking images of greatness, the rivals shine brightly, each comparing and contrasting with the other until it becomes impossible to define one without mentioning the other. Their names are legendary: Manning and Brady; Larry Bird and Magic Johnson; and Team Purple and Team Gold.
On Saturday, Feburary 7th, the Purple Perps and the Golden Generals took to the field, steeped in a rivalry that will surely go down in the annals of the Paul M. Hebert Law Center. Absent from the proceedings this year was long time attendee Interim Chancellor Cheney Joseph, who passed away from cancer last semester. All proceeds from the game were donated to the American Cancer Society in his honor.  (more…)

Framed! with the Hitchcock Blonde: Slow Learners

 Slow Learners

Directed by Sheena M. Joyce, Don Argott

With Valentine’s Day behind us, I hope we can all revel in our (hopefully) triumphant success in either celebrating it or ignoring it. For those of you who spent Valentine’s Day feeling self-conscious, this is the ultimate confidence-boosting film for you! Nothing is more embarrassing than the two stars in this film. Nothing.

Adam Pally and Sarah Burns star as the adorably sad Jeff and Anne. Jeff is a meek, furthest-thing-from-hip guidance counselor. Anne is an equally modest and painfully pitiable librarian. They happen to be nerdy best friends and colleagues at a typical high school and live in an equally typical town. The main issue is that both desperately desire to be cool and confident, two qualities neither possess. (more…)

Secret Lives at PMH: Coulter McMahen

By: Elizabeth Wong

Name: Coulter McMahen

Class: 2L


Q: Where did you transfer from?

A: University of Arkansas in Little Rock

Q: What was the hardest part about transferring?

A: The hardest part was leaving behind the professors and students that I developed such great relationships with.

Q: What was the easiest part?

A: Coming back to Louisiana.  Louisiana’s home and LSU is the place to be.

Q: What extracurricular activities were you involved with in Arkansas?

A: I wrote for the Arkansas Real Estate Review.  I was invited to be on Law Review which was hard because I didn’t have the opportunity to get on law review here.


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