Cheers to you, Cheney Joe


Cheney cropped

On November 12, 2015, students, faculty and staff gathered on the front steps of the LSU Law Center to honor and celebrate beloved professor and co-dean, Cheney Joseph. Students paused for a moment of respect for Professor Joseph before raising cans of Natty Light and cheering excitedly for him.  Professor Joseph is currently on leave from his position due to illness.  In a broadcast email, SBA President Clare Sanchez thanked the participants for their show of love for “Cheney Joe.”

“He will be thrilled to see how many students, faculty, and staff came out to honor his nearly 40 years of dedication to the law center,” Sanchez wrote.

The Civilian staff would also like to honor and thank Professor Joseph for his many years of service to the LSU community, his delightful sense of humor, his many entertaining stories of “Pee-Wee and Joseph,” and his valued contributions to the study of law in Louisiana.  We love you, Cheney Joe!