For this edition of The Civilian, Dr. Love didn’t wait for questions—instead, we gathered a few tips on dating a law student with the help of a PMH couple. Names have been changed to protect anonymity.

Dr. Love: So let’s just jump in, guys. Law school is hard enough, but if you add a relationship into the mix—how do you manage it?

Lydiagation: (in her best Elle Woods) What, like it’s hard?
AffiDavid: The hardest part is taking classes together. And studying together.
Lydiagation: I can’t work with practice problems with him—he uses too many words to describe the same answer as me.
AffiDavid: Yeah, I hate working problems with you. That’s just asking for trouble.
Lydiagation: Also, since we’re on the topic of hard parts of the relationship, he just got Sirius radio and he’s obsessed with bluegrass.
AffiDavid: Well all you listen to is NPR—
Lydiagation: I’d rather listen to people speaking than washboards and spoons.

Dr. Love: Whoops, touchy subject. Why don’t we talk about the best parts of dating a fellow PMHer, instead?

AffiDavid: You never have to explain that you’re busy and you need quiet when you’re studying.
Lydiagation: We also coordinate our days to have mental breakdowns…like “yesterday was my day to freak out, today is your turn”. It’s good to have someone who always knows exactly what you’re going through.

Dr. Love: Any advice for 1Ls who are worried about complications associated with dating a classmate?

AffiDavid: We have different apartments, so it’s not like you’re seeing each other all day at school and then
you’re going home to them as well.
Lydiagation: Yeah, no offense but I need my space.
AffiDavid: Learn to agree to disagree.
Lydiagation: You do that better than me, I just disagree. But you give up a lot faster—and then you’re like “can we watch Netflix?”

Dr. Love: So what’s your favorite show?

AffiDavid: Currently, The Office
Lydiagation: Well he’s never seen mine, which is bull.

Dr. Love: Is “Netflix and Chill” your ideal date or do you have a favorite spot?

Lydiagation: I like to eat and fall asleep on the couch
AffiDavid: I like to go to a bar and then get Taco Bell on the way home—I’m a man of simple tastes.

Dr. Love: How do you both survive finals?

Lydiagation: We have a system, when I start yelling too much he just feeds me queso.
AffiDavid: Yeah, we’ve actually done really well. It’s not too bad when you’re both going through the same thing. Queso definitely helps, though.

Dr. Love, my significant other and I are looking for some tips on Halloween costumes to wear to the PMH party—any ideas?
The costume party is always a rollicking good time where good reputations go to die. Bringing your significant other to this legendary shindig is a bold strategy—even bolder if you’ll both be in costume. Here are some fun ideas so you’ll be the talk of the fête:

A-Salt and Battery– Literally. One of you dresses as a salt shaker, the other as a Duracell battery. This costume, worn by Jimmy Zahorchak and his new fiancé (congrats!), at the 2014 PMH Halloween Party was a big hit!

PeeWee and Joseph– What do they look like? No one really knows. At least one of you should be holding an ice cold Natural Light beer and the other should be getting up to ridiculous shenanigans that violate a minimum of seven of the Revised Statutes.

Claire and Frank Underwood– Or Frank Underwood and the Peachoid. For this combo all you’ll need is a suit, a svelte dress, a shared cigarette, and some cutthroat Gaffney charm. Bonus points if you include a ring to pound on every hard surface you walk past.

Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia– If you’re really dedicated to the idea of legal-themed Halloween costumes (and if you saved your graduation robes) the “Supremest BFFs in the Land” duo is a unanimous win. One of you should throw on a hand knit jabot and the other aggressively harangue people in Latin if you’re really dedicated to the cause.

Prof. Levasseur and the Civil Code– If you really want to show your significant other that your affection is true, attend the Halloween party as Alain and his one true love. Be sure to memorize passages from the Code to toss into conversation whenever there’s a lull and be prepared to inform passersby whenever something is “not in my Civil Code.”

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