Dr. Love, M.D.

Dr. Love, can you give the first years some tips on tailgate etiquette?

Sincerely, 1L of a Good Time

Dear 1L,

Ah, the legendary Law School Tailgate (hereinafter LST). A heady mix of good food, good friends, and enough alcohol to spawn weekend-long hangovers for everyone. My personal mantra when I attend tailgates is “don’t be that person”. What do I mean by that? Exactly what it sounds like. Planning on getting famously drunk and falling in a trash can at the LST? Don’t be that person. Planning on engaging your newfound liquid courage in hitting on a really hot 3L? Don’t be that person. The LST is fun, but a lot of people forget that the party doesn’t stop after the pre-game, and there’s nothing more miserable than a hangover hitting you in Death Valley (don’t worry, we’ve all been there). Go to tailgates to hang out with classmates and professors in a fun, informal setting and save the raucous partying for the GIFs. As with everything you do, conduct yourself in a way that you wouldn’t mind future employers hearing about.


Dismissed with Prejudice: Parking Wars

By: Cody Grosshart

Call me Ahab, as I go crazy searching for my own white whale – that last open parking spot. Despite the fact that I have withstood this scourge many times before, the stress produced by the search has never waned. Every day I fight this battle, and every day I see the same obstacles stand in my way.


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