Dr. Love, can you give the first years some tips on tailgate etiquette?

Sincerely, 1L of a Good Time

Dear 1L,

Ah, the legendary Law School Tailgate (hereinafter LST). A heady mix of good food, good friends, and enough alcohol to spawn weekend-long hangovers for everyone. My personal mantra when I attend tailgates is “don’t be that person”. What do I mean by that? Exactly what it sounds like. Planning on getting famously drunk and falling in a trash can at the LST? Don’t be that person. Planning on engaging your newfound liquid courage in hitting on a really hot 3L? Don’t be that person. The LST is fun, but a lot of people forget that the party doesn’t stop after the pre-game, and there’s nothing more miserable than a hangover hitting you in Death Valley (don’t worry, we’ve all been there). Go to tailgates to hang out with classmates and professors in a fun, informal setting and save the raucous partying for the GIFs. As with everything you do, conduct yourself in a way that you wouldn’t mind future employers hearing about.

Dr. Love, I’m debating getting a Tinder—what are the pros and cons?

Sincerely, “Tinding” to My Love Life

I’ve seen Tinder dates go really, really well, and I’ve seen Tinder dates go really, really badly. The general consensus on the app seems to be that its no-strings attached fun and great for people who are looking for a quick fling. If your goal is to find a date that you won’t feel bad ignoring text messages from the day after, sounds like Tinder is right for you. If, however, you’re looking for a higher level of commitment, it might be time to evaluate other avenues. That’s not to say that I haven’t seen committed relationships germinated from chance “right swipes”, but they’re definitely the minority. First and foremost, as with any random dating site, safety should be your number one concern. Let a friend know where you’re going to be, who you’re going to be with, and when you get home. And have fun!

Dear Dr. Love,

My friend/classmate and I have been dating on and off for a few years, and now that we’ve both expressed that we’re ready to try again, my friend is getting cold feet—what should I do?

Sincerely, Warm Socks Needed

Warm Socks,

Sounds like your friend isn’t really ready to try again…or maybe you’re both too busy for a committed relationship. Either way, it sounds like you’ve lost that loving feeling. If you haven’t yet, now might be a good time to sit down with your friend and figure out where he/she stands. Relationships with classmates are tricky because you’ll always have law school as that awkward third wheel. It can definitely work, and it’s worth a shot, but if your friend isn’t ready to give a relationship his/her all, don’t force it.

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