Lunchin’ & Brunchin’

By: Professor Jeff Brooks and Angelina Valuri

CityPork4There is nothing better than finding the perfect brunch spot with friends on a Sunday afternoon and enjoying a great lunch at one of the many hidden gems located here in Baton Rouge.  If you don’t have the time (and let’s face it, you’re in law school so you definitely don’t) to try out all of the places on your “lunch-and-brunch” bucket list, don’t worry…we’re going to do all of the legwork for you.

Every month, Professor Brooks and I, along with a rotating “mystery diner” guest, will order three separate lunch/brunch dishes from restaurants that are not only reasonably affordable, but that are a bit off the beaten path.  All restaurants will receive an overall rating between 1-5 gavels, with a 1 gavel rating being “poor” and a 5 gavels rating being “excellent.”

This month, we decided to have brunch at one of the two City Pork locations. (2363 Hollydale Ave. 225-300-4550)

If you have a lunch or brunch location you would like to see reviewed, please feel free to e-mail your suggestions to or


Clare Sanchez to Fill Board of Supervisors Position

By: Liz Wong

Third year LSU law student and current SBA Executive President, Clare Sanchez, has been elected to the prestigious Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors is the governing body for the entire LSU system.  It represents approximately 250,000 students.  The Board oversees expansions, renovations, new degree requirements, and approves new majors, among other things. It is a fifteen-member board, with fourteen being appointed by the Governor.  Each member represents the districts of Louisiana.

Sanchez is the student member, which is the only position not appointed by Governor Jindal. Instead, Clare was elected by the other seven Presidents from each of the eight LSU schools.  Those schools include but are not limited to: LSU-Eunice, LSU-Alexandria, LSU-Shreveport, and the Health and Science Center.  Essentially, Sanchez is the voice of the students for all LSU schools.


Where in the World are the PMHers?

By: Annie Beckstrom
The halls of PMH are rife with bright, accomplished law students. The fervor to succeed is palpable as students work tirelessly to earn a meaningful role in the legal community. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that in a law school stacked with such a wide array of academic talent, PMHers enjoy a host of coveted summer job opportunities. While the typical summer job usually involves a Big Firm associate position or judicial clerkship, several students pursuing niche legal fields have recently experienced unique opportunities that tilt the perspective of a customary career path. George Bonvillian is one such law student.


Flawless Fashion with the Fashion Police

By: The Fashion Police

Do you aspire to be sharper than the crease in the pants of Dean Corbett’s suit? Have you mastered what it takes to survive law school, but consider yourself to be “lawst” when it comes to maintaining a fashionable yet professional wardrobe? Are you or someone you know an “unknowledgeable fashionista?” i.e. a guy or girl who thinks they know about fashion, but they actually knows absolutely nothing. Do you think navigating your way through the “fashion jungle” is tougher than paying attention to Dean Joseph for an entire class period? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, have no fear…the Fashion Police is here!


What’s Happening in the Red Stick?

By: Megan Wiggins

Welcome back friends! I hope y’all had a fun and eventful summer. As usual, I will keep your social calendars buzzing this semester. There are a ton of Fall festivities planned in the Red Stick, and whether you’re a foodie, hipster, beer connoisseur, tailgate enthusiast, or work-out junkie, I have something for you. I hope you take a break from the books and check out what’s happening in the Red Stick!


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