By: The Fashion Police

Do you aspire to be sharper than the crease in the pants of Dean Corbett’s suit? Have you mastered what it takes to survive law school, but consider yourself to be “lawst” when it comes to maintaining a fashionable yet professional wardrobe? Are you or someone you know an “unknowledgeable fashionista?” i.e. a guy or girl who thinks they know about fashion, but they actually knows absolutely nothing. Do you think navigating your way through the “fashion jungle” is tougher than paying attention to Dean Joseph for an entire class period? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, have no fear…the Fashion Police is here!

At this point, you may have already started to ask a few questions. For example, you may want to know who I am or how I plan to help you become the fashion expert you always wanted to be. Every month, I am going to show you how to incorporate on-trend pieces of clothing into your professional attire. Follow the suggestions of the Fashion Police, and you shall be rewarded for the fruits of your labor. Although my true identity shall not be revealed, I can guarantee we’re going to have some fun seeing how fashionably creative some of us can get.

Here’s how: Fashion Police is currently working exclusively with a local fashion designer who will identify either a specific “on-trend” piece of clothing or a general fashion trend every month. I will talk a little bit about the highlighted piece/trend along with the reasons why you should make it a “must-have” for your professional wardrobe. Fashion Police will also provide you with examples of how to wear the piece/trend via photographs of two PMH students (one male, one female), who will serve as the official Fashion Police models.

Now, here comes the fun part! If you follow the simple fashion guidelines laid out for you, the Fashion Police wants to know about it. Snap a photograph of yourself wearing the monthly highlighted piece/trend and then email it to The Civilian or post it to the Civilian’s Facebook page. Every month, the Fashion Police will determine which PMH student “Wore It Best!” Not only will your fashionable photograph be printed in the following month’s issue of The Civilian, but you will also receive a $30 gift certificate to the Baton Rouge Mall of Louisiana! (And who doesn’t want free spending money at the mall?!?) To make things fair, only one entry per student per month will be allowed.

To kick things off, the Fashion Police is curious to see who out there has started off the school year with their fashion game on-point. For this month only, the Fashion Police is giving you free fashion reign. Now is your time to shine! Submit your best back to school look to the Fashion Police on the The Civilian’s Facebook page. As the Fashion Police always likes to say, wear your clothes and don’t let them wear you! The one thing that never goes out of style is self-confidence. Good luck and welcome back!

XOXO, The Fashion Police

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Shira Wilson · December 28, 2018 at 10:43 pm

Great post!! I am very glad to read this post as you have shared very knowledgeable stuff 🙂 I discovered this blog really helpful in order to enhance the knowledge and I will definitely share your post with my friends in order to enhance their knowledge!!

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