The latest addition to the Law and Order franchise, Law and Order: Los Angeles, premiered on September 29th.   Unlike the other Law and Order installments, the creators used the backdrop of Los Angeles to make this show more glamorous and trendy.   Judging by the premiere episode, Hollywood, the show seems to target a younger audience than any other Law and Order show.  The plot was even based off of the “Bling Ring” that made headline news in 2009 when teenagers were burglarizing homes of young celebrities in Hollywood.

Law and Order: Los Angeles features well-known movie actors such as Terrence Howard and Regina Hall as Deputy District Attorneys, as well as Skeet Ulrich as a Detective.  The familiar cast is sure to play a positive role in the success of this show.

Will Los Angeles appeal to the avid followers of the other Law and Order installments?  The first episode suggests that Los Angeles will not be as dark and intense as the other Law and Order shows like Law and Order Special Victims Unit.  This glamorous, trendy Los Angeles version of Law and Order may not appeal to veterans of the franchise, but it is sure to pick up new, younger viewers.

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