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March 22


Gorsuch won’t be pinned down on Chevron doctrine

Endrew F. v. Douglas Cty. Sch. Dist. RE-1,

USSC expands students rights to an individually tailored education under federal law. Good IDEA, but a huge partially funded mandate.


Chapter 6 through 256


Study Guide: Access to Judicial Review and Finality

This includes materials we will read for next class.

January 30

Adlaw in the News

An executive order that is not like anything before, and which goes against traditional republican federalism

A proposed order that breaks both US and International Law

Have the Executive Orders Been Reviewed by Counsel?

Does the immigration executive order violate theĀ 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act?

The Quiet GOP Campaign Against Government Regulation

Read this for class


Finish Chapter 2

Guide: Removal and the Creation of Independent Agencies

Guide: General Regulatory Review and Coordination



OMB – The White House site was taken down by Trump Administration