Day 2 – Aug 22


DOJ Brief in the Trump Documents Subpoena Case

Response Brief of the House to the DOJ Brief in the Trump Documents Subpoena Case


Chapter 2 to President, p. 54, and Line Item Veto, p. 69 t0 the end of the chapter. We will reserve the section on supervision through OMB/OIRA until Chapter 5, when we will discuss rulemaking.

The Delegation Doctrine section, p. 28-41, should be a review of what you covered in Constitutional Law. Skim this to refamiliarize yourself with the material. We will not review this in class, and it will not be on the exam, except as developed when we read Gundy v. US later in the course.

Day 1 – August 20

Required Text and Class Information

Examples & Explanations: Administrative Law, by Funk, Seamon, 5th ed., 2015 – available online at Amazon and BN.COM.

Additional materials such as cases will be posted on this WWW site. We will work with public domain materials as much as possible. Any proprietary materials will be posted on Moodle.

There may be online quizzes through Moodle that will count toward your final grade and class participation may also be used as part of your grade. You are responsible for reading and studying the assigned material. Not all of it will be covered in class. You will be provided with study aids to help assure that you can identify the key issues that will be on the exam.

Working Course Outline – Administrative Law – Fall 2019

This is the basic outline of what we will cover. Exact coverage and dates will be adjusted based on coverage and outside events, such as hurricane days. Cases will be added or substituted based on current events and breaking news. The basic coverage of the text will stay the same.


Chapter 1. Chapter 2 from President, p. 54 to Supervision, p.65.

The first two classes will introduce the basic topics of administrative law and the structure of the administrative state.


Slides – Intro