Dictionary of the Civil Code

Dictionary Civil Code

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Summer Program in Lyon: Additional Meeting

There will be another information meeting for the 2015 Summer Program in Lyon on Friday, February 27 at 11:30 am in Room 110.  All interested students who missed the February 11th meeting are urged to attend.

Only Lyon 2

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38th Tucker Lecture, by Prof. Esin Örücü, March 17th

Mark your calendar: on March 17, 2015, world acclaimed comparative law Esin OrucuProfessor Esin Örücü, University of Glasgow (Scotland), will give the 38th Tucker Lecture, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Center of Civil Law Studies.

One into Three: Spreading the Word

Three into One: Creating a Civil Law System

Will be the topic of the lecture.

This lecture will consider “one into three”, since the now monolingual Louisiana Civil Code is being translated into French and Spanish, defining this as ‘spreading the word’. The Louisiana Civil Code Translation Project Conference in 2014 called this expansion, ‘enhancing visibility’. A well-known instance of this kind is also the monolingual Dutch Code being converted, by translation, into a trilingual Code (Dutch, French and English), that is another “one into three”. There is also the instance of the translation of the bilingual Quebec Code (originally in French and English) into Spanish, thus creating yet another trilingual Code, rivalling the Louisiana one, this time “two into three”. Then there is the Fisher’s translation of the Civil Code of Philippines from Spanish into English, “one into two”.

The lecture will start by looking at some general concerns such as language, culture, transpositions, neologisms, equivalence, mistranslations and then move onto illustrating these issues through the experience of Turkey with her process of total and global modernization, westernization, secularization, democratization and constitutionalism.

In this way, before considering the Louisiana case, the lecture will deal with the translation into Turkish from the already trilingual Swiss Civil Code, seemingly a “three into one” case, though only the French version was used by the Turkish translators. This is defined as ‘creating a civil law system’, converting within the span of five years, via five Codes, the efforts of reform resting solely on import and translation from major continental Codes both as to form and content, creating a civilian legal system out of a mixed one.

Finally, a crucial question related to all translated codes will be posed: why translate a code? Aims and reasons which vary will be analysed bringing the lecture to a close.

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International Table, Meeting Every Friday!

Do not miss our weekly Friday International Table: every time we pick a theme and explore how to express things in all languages represented around the table, whether or not this relates to the law! Bring food and good humor, coffee is served!

Friday, 12:40 to 1:40 p.m., CCLS Conference Room (W326B)

Forthcoming Meetings: February 13, 20, 27

10391432_725256208867_1452118325254567540_n cafe francais Stammtisch

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Lyon Summer Program 2015, Information Meeting

To our 1Ls: an Information Meeting on the 2015 Lyon Summer Program is scheduled

Wednesday, February 11, 3:30 to 4:30 pm, Room 106.

Make sure you attend and spread the word!

To our 2Ls and 3Ls who attended the program earlier: feel very welcome to attend!

Lyon 3 Only Lyon

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LL.M. in Europe? A Meeting this Friday!

Want to Work Abroad?
Thinking of an LL.M.?
Study in the heart of Europe!

Got questions? Get answers from a Louisiana Attorney, living & working abroad!
Join us on January 30, 2015, from 12:40 – 1:40 pm
LSU Law School, Room 110

Why this LLM?

* The LLM in European and International Law at IES is an
internationally renowned programme for over 40 years
* We have over 1300 successful alumni who are now working in European
institutions & international organisations
* Get a two-year LL.M. in just 9 months, in an advanced programme, for
a fraction of the cost to obtain an LL.M. in D.C. or New York … AND live
* The teaching staff is a unique mixture of EU scholars, top-level EU
practitioners and practising lawyers

For more information, contact:
Sheila M. Wilkinson, MSW, LMSW, JD, LL.M.
sheila@smwplc.com | www.ies.be/llm

European law




and will meet at 1:50 (AFTER this event)

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The International Table to Meet every Friday

The International Table at the LSU Law Center had a successful meeting January 16. We plan to meet every week. Since having several languages around the table leads to the use of the common language, we resolved to divide the time (e.g. 20 minutes for French, 20 for German, and 20 for Spanish, or any pattern of that style), making sure that those who do not speak the language learn some linguistic social skills: let’s educate one another!

Meetings will be every Friday (as from January 30), 12:40 to 1:40 p.m. in the CCLS Conference Room (W326B). Coffee will be served. Feel welcome to bring your lunch and multilingual company, to share conversation in languages other than English and have some unique linguistic experience!


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The International Table at the LSU Law Center

The International Table at the LSU Law Center will replace the Café français and Deutscher Stammtisch, offering our bilingual and multilingual students an opportunity to practice languages other than English at least one hour once a week.

The International Table will meet this Friday, January 16, 12:40 to 1:40 in W326B. Coffee will be served. Feel welcome to bring your lunch and multilingual company, to share conversation in languages other than English!


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From Uganda to Washington D.C., the Success Story of Andrew Nyombi, LL.M. 2009


andrewOlivier Moréteau: Andrew, I remember when you arrived from Uganda some six years ago with your freshly earned law degree and how quickly you became one of our most talented and dynamic students, not only in the LL.M., but on the whole campus. You graduated from LSU Law in 2009 and assisted me at the Center for Civil Law Studies during the summer. You then obtained the LL.M. in Taxation at the Georgetown University Law Center and clerked at the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Division. Tell us what you are doing now. 

Andrew Nyombi:  I am a partner at Emejuru and Nyombi, a Washington D.C. area based law firm that specializes in commercial litigation and employment law. My practice focuses on: business torts litigation, product liability, unfair trade practices, corporate litigation involving private and public companies, securities and banking litigation, corporate taxation, commercial contracts, tax litigation, venture capital and private equity, transfer pricing, business and individual income tax controversies, financial derivatives, estate planning, wealth management and asset protection. I was admitted to the United States Tax Court in Washington, D.C. and the United States Supreme Court.

I enjoy pursuing substantial litigation shuffling between Federal courts around the country including Federal District Courts of Maryland, Colorado and Texas in high stakes commercial litigation.

OM: Tell us about a recent achievement.

AN: While arguing as Lead Counsel in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, I set a precedent under the Fair Credit Reporting Act with the Court establishing the principle that every filing of a consumer dispute restarts the clock anew and a duty to reinvestigate is imputed on a furnisher of information on receipt of the dispute notice from a Credit Reporting Agency with regards to the accuracy of a truck driver’s employment background report. Following this landmark decision, the state of Colorado went on to pass the Employment Opportunity Act and Rules 2014.

OM: To what extent did the LSU program contribute to your present success?

AN: The LL.M. at Louisiana State University prepared me for the tough world of litigation. The program is thorough, fast paced, rigorous and required meticulously focus. The combination of the civil law and common law traditions in the curriculum and teaching enabled me to think with two brains when approaching situations and to stand on two feet while practicing law. It helped me to become creative when analyzing legal controversies and applying legal principles. The faculty is warm and responsive and is always ready to give a hand in explaining any complex material.

OM: What would you say to anyone interested in the LSU program but still hesitating?

Andrew Sup Ct

Andrew Nyombi was inducted into the United States Supreme Court by Chief Justice Roberts, on June 23, 2014

AN: When attending LSU, the student body had a strong sense of camaraderie that welcomes everyone. The regular Student Bar Association events made life in Baton Rouge interesting. The faculty is exceptional and highly accessible to students.

OM: Congratulations, Andrew, on your being sworn in the Supreme Court by Chief Justice Roberts in June 2014!  This is a high honor on you and on our Law School! On behalf of LSU Law, I thank you for this interview and wish you the best of success!


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Juris Diversitas 2015 Conference, Call for Papers




2-4 June 2015School of Law, University of Limerick, Ireland


While any proposal on comparative law (broadly conceived) will be considered, the conference’s primary theme is the relationship between social and legal norms and social and legal institutions. In memory of Roderick A Macdonald (1948-2014) and H Patrick Glenn (1940-2014), both former members of our Advisory Council, particular attention will be given to the diverse themes of their scholarship: for example, ‘common laws’, ‘constitutive polyjurality’, ‘critical legal pluralism’, ‘everyday law’, and ‘legal cosmopolitanism’.

As with our past conferences, proposals on a wide variety of topics will be accepted: comparative jurisprudence and legislation, legal philosophy, legal education, law reform, etc. Presentations may be theoretical analyses or case studies on the past or present, North or South, East or West ….

Panel proposals and interdisciplinary presentations are strongly encouraged, as is the participation of doctoral students and scholars from outside of the discipline of law. While parallel sessions of three twenty-minute presentations will be used, we welcome more original session structures.

Proposals should be in English or French. Proposals of c250 words (or 1000 words for panel proposals) should be submitted to Olivier Moréteau at moreteau@lsu.edu by 15 January 2015, with a short biography or resume (c250 words). Please send Word documents only, with minimal formatting.

Registration fees are €200 (€125 for Juris Diversitas members paid up for 2015). Membership and fee payment information is available on the Juris Diversitas Blog (http://jurisdiversitas.blogspot.ie/). Note that fees don’t cover travel, accommodation, or the conference dinner (€50).


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