Community Service Hours

To log community service hours click here.

Completing 10 or more hours of community service work in a year will automatically get you an invite to the 1000 Hours Challenge Party at the end of the year.

The Community Service Chair of PILS is in charge of recording and maintaining a record of students who submit proof of community service hours.

For questions about logging hours pleaseĀ contact Ashley Plunkett at

3 Responses to Community Service Hours

  1. Christopher Baker says:

    I just wanted to log my hours for the Brownsfield Elementary Day of Service from 930-3pm (5.5 hrs) also if I volunteer at Music Festivals in New Orleans does that Count as Community Service?

    • Danielle Prado says:

      Yes, any volunteer work you do in the community at large can be counted toward community service. Thanks!

    • Arthur Kraatz says:

      FYI: Posting a comment here does not log your hours. You must click on the link to fill our the form.

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