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Fight or Flight: When Clowning Around Turns Criminal
November 7, 2016

By: Brooklee Hurst

Nightmares became reality when unsettling reports of clown sightings spread across the nation, with the latest tally showing over thirty states experiencing clown-related incidents. The sightings originated in Greenville County, South Carolina where reports that individuals dressed as clowns were beckoning children into the woods. Soon after this story caught national attention, clown sightings were reported in several other states. Much like the pantomime characters in horror films, many of these clowns are equipped, not with balloon animals, but rather wield deadly weapons and issue physical threats. As a result of the clown hysteria, Target removed a variety of creepy clown masks from their stores and online, possibly in the hopes that their products will not reach the hands of those wishing to unleash clown-like terror on unsuspecting victims. One does not need coulrophobia, a specific fear of clowns, in order to be afraid of the cirque de la terreur that is currently plaguing our nation. (more…)